KEI TOMINAGA was launched in 2012 as jewellery, silverware and metalwork design brand by Kei Tominaga, a London based artist originally from Tokyo.

Tominaga pursued metal sculpture and smithing both in the undergraduate and master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduation, she began her career in product design to bring her work to a wider audience. Besides working on solo contemporary product collections, she has also collaborated with global architects and designers.

Tominaga brings ‘lightness’ to metal objects. She treats metals just as other everyday materials such as paper and fabric. She believes that pursuing simplicity will bring out the strength and purity of metal.

KEI TOMINAGA’s new line of wall panel series and metal objects ( sculpture) – Texture on Reflection – is launching at CDW. She creates texture on the bent/ curved metal surfaces that provides continual variation in the look of her work.

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