Linescapes is a brand specialising in architectural portraits.

Its founder, Amalia, has always been at her happiest when drawing.However, she became interested in buildings while living in LA in the 90s, so she became an architect and obtained a masters degree from the Royal College of Art. But from the beginning her instincts pulled her toward its artistic rather than its technical side. This tension, between her passion and the demands of her job, was present throughout her career. She was, in the own words, an artist doing an architect’s job.

After moving to Brighton she realised that she didn’t have to be torn between architecture and drawing and that she could in fact enjoy both. So she started capturing the buildings around her in an understated and elegant style as well as undertaking private commissions.

Despite the disparate styles, ages and types of architecture that she draws, Amalia┬╣s style has pulled them into a uniform collection so her products sit together in a way that soothes the eye.

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