David Hughes is one of the UK’s leading LEGO artists.

He uses the humble, basic, recognisable LEGO brick and through his careful and meticulous designs he creates colourful, fun and beautiful mosaics and sculptures. His work engages with people because it appeals to all of us who played with LEGO as children whilst, at the same time, exploring grown-up ideas of contemporary design.

His LEGO Art is something different. Unusual, and at the same time accessible, with classic works of pop-art re-made in bricks, portraits and bright, graphic based images from architecture, design and popular culture. His sculptures push the limits of what Lego can be, using the hard, orthogonal, plastic bricks to create impossibly graceful and beautiful sculptures.

For his first time exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week, David will be showcasing all that is brilliant about LEGO Art.

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