From their studio & workshop in London, Design Bros introduce their new designs.

The straight cut look of the new chair, “Marumi” is surprisingly contrasted by the comfort and sense of roundness as you slide into the seat.

Design Bros are also launching the striking walnut top console table, “Sen Muku”. The tall and slim beech legs create a delightful colour contrast. It fits easily into any style.

Also the brilliant balance of wood and concrete in the “Say-Daw Lamp” and many more designs are being displayed. See the whole range at the show and imagine them in your space.

‘Aesthetic + Function = Good Design’ is a principle of Reiji’s – the creative director of Design Bros. A culture of experimentation leads to durable & ageless design in their products for users to enjoy for generations.

Design Bros love to surprise people by using their skills to make ‘ordinary materials extraordinary’ through their products.

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