DI CLASSE is a Tokyo-based design and lighting company founded by Japanese product designer Domei Endo in 1990. He started the company to fulfil his visions of lamps made of nature-inspired materials, characterised by beauty and fragile simplicity.

Mini Foresti – DI CLASSE’s iconic forest lamp is the first product he designed. Playing with light and kaleidoscopic shadows, the lamp creates a seemingly therapeutic healing effect on its audience.

Over time, his forest lamps gained reputation overseas. As a response to the growing international demand, the company started exhibiting at international trade fairs. The Forest lamps shone over the Marie Claire Café at Maison et Objet in 2013, and recently the company collaborated with ORYZA Design, showcasing nature-inspired lighting alongside with vibrant pop-style furniture, which created a contrasting and distinctive stand.

The company released Arles table lamp in 2014 in London. This popular lamp was inspired by a lady holding a hat in bright sunlight in the South of France. Domei’s inspiration, which merged nature, landscape and people together is reflected in the design.