Established in Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917, TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concept for the European market since 2009, with an emphasis on combining convenience and eco-friendly Clean Technology. As Japan’s leading manufacturer in the sector, TOTO represents a one-stop shop for a comprehensive collection of products including ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, furniture and accessories, all of which have been created in close collaboration with its own and a number of renowned European designers. Innovations and technology are the Japa¬nese company’s central values. TOTO is driving technological developments to design products that are more appealing and convenient. For TOTO, it is important that technical elements always be intuitive, well integrated and, where possible, concealed. TOTO com¬bines Japanese and European design, exceptional German engineering and Japanese innovations in outstanding products. TOTO employs 24,000 people worldwide, of whom 900 work in research and development.