Bounce from IdeaPaint

To enhance idea generation and collaboration, our showroom partners IdeaPaint have announced Bounce, a mobile app that lets people take their big ideas with them. The new app, developed with Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon, allows users to capture, edit, organize, and share the output of work sessions, meetings, and brainstorms; individuals and teams can annotate and evolve their ideas, as well as view and download images online or via mobile devices.

The simple, intuitive interface removes barriers to more effective collaboration by allowing team members to easily assign tasks, refer back to key moments of a work session, build on each others’ ideas, and move forward together on projects.

“Working closely with our customers we learned that one of their biggest pain points was having a fantastic brainstorm session on their Idea Walls and then not being able to properly capture those ideas, and move them to the next step of the ideation process,” said John Stephans, CEO, IdeaPaint. “This app aims to solve the problems hindering greater collaboration.”

Bounce was co-created with IdeaPaint users, enabling the app to meet their unique needs. It is the first of several new offerings to better enhance user collaboration being developed by IdeaPaint, whose mission is to inspire and encourage everyone, everyday to reach their creative and productive potential.

“Bounce is one of those tools that we didn’t even know we needed, but now can’t live without,” said Jamie Scheu, VP, Director of Experience Design, Hill Holliday, and a collaborator on Project Beacon projects. “It has the potential to transform the way we ideate, problem solve, and create as teams. IdeaPaint lets us get big ideas out of our heads and onto an entire wall, where we can explore and develop them with others. Bounce makes sure those big ideas live on.”

IdeaPaint will host a private beta test of the Bounce app. To be one of the exclusive people invited to participate, sign up at: bounce.ideapaint.com