Rosy Lee Tea

Celebrating London in every cup!
Rosy Lee – cockney rhyming slang for tea – was born 5 years ago when we sat at our kitchen table, with the inspiration to create the perfect cuppa for people who love tea and love London. Since then we’ve attracted a lot of attention from tea drinkers, retailers, restaurant and the media – and taken our brand from Dalston to Dubai.

Rosy Lee Anytime is a premium blend of Assam and Kenyan with a strong and distinctive flavour. Designed to brew instantly whilst retaining its body and strength, it produces a consistently excellent cuppa that’s perfect with or without food.

Focusing on what matters
Unlike some other tea companies, we don’t produce a bewildering range of blends that hardly ever get bought and rarely get drunk. We’re sticking to what people want most – and 90% of British tea drinkers are after a brilliant black tea.

New improved packaging
We supply gift caddies and boxes of 40 teabags – both the perfect size for the modern kitchen. For hotels, cafes and restaurants, we have bulk packs of 1,000 teabags with string, tag and envelopes, and great-looking catering storage tins.

Everyone loves a cup of Rosy Lee
Want to know more, or get samples? Ping us an email at [email protected]