Explore, play, and connect as Hakwood animates Clerkenwell Close

Hakwood sponsors Double Vision
Hakwood, global leader in the design and manufacture of top quality wood flooring and wall tiles, returns to CDW and sponsors Double Vision, a 4 meter high structural installation of recursive patterns nestled within the historic Clerkenwell Close.

Multiple visions
Inspired by the pattern possibilities of Hakwood’s wall tile range, Double Vision is a double panelled structure which aims to create an uplifting moment whilst walking the CDW exhibition route. One vision represents the calm and natural wood tones Hakwood offers, the other shows a bold statement of contrasting bright colours. By combining these visions using rotating tiles in the middle, a third vision appears. The piece celebrates pattern and form and its powers to brighten and energise. It reflects the concept of Hakwood Wall Tiles for which each designer can make their own design statement based on their unique vision.

Explore, play and connect
The immersive experience comprises of Hakwood’s wood wall tiles that can be rearranged and rotated to create a space that invites guests to explore, play, and connect with pattern in a direct and physical way. The design plays with scale to create an almost infinite tunnel effect, reflecting the endless possibilities of working with the wall tile range and responding directly to the tunnel-like form of Clerkenwell Close itself.