Experience #OfficeVR

Can I visualise the arrangement of a new office before its realisation?

Can I change the furniture system to a completely different one with a single click?

Can I walk around an open space, sit comfortably in a managerial office or test the functionality of a conference hall? Yes, of course!

With the #OfficeVR application, which you will find at Nowy Styl Group’s Clerkenwell showroom, all this is possible. But only during the Clerkenwell Design Week!

Nowy Styl Group has applied virtual reality (VR) technology to help clients become familiarised with their office interior solutions in an easy and pleasurable way.

In a traditional office we can usually see only single products and workstations. In a virtual office we can not only see them, but also experience a space that is arranged according to the latest methodologies, divided into functional zones and furnished with different products from the newest furniture systems. The #OfficeVR application provides visitors with an incredible feeling of being in a real office, allowing them to see the real distance, height and dimensions of spaces. In the #OfficeVR, visitors will be able to experience one floor of a virtual office block with a managerial office, open space, conference room, lobby and canteen. When walking around the interiors, they will have a chance to compare different furniture systems (Levitate, Play&Work, and SQart) and their arrangements. They will also be able to change furniture arrangements, products and their colours in real time.

Register here and try the application at Nowy Styl Group’s showroom located in Clerkenwell Close.