A lamp for all purposes

Animaro, a London based design studio will launch a kinetic desk and floor lamp family called ‘Crane Lamp’ on June 28th on Kickstarter.

Inspired by the elongation of a Crane’s neck when catching prey, the Crane Lamp is a playful moving desk and floor lamp that can be adapted depending on the users needs or mood. The lamps are designed to bring a sense of play and wonder to the home. The structure and bases are constructed from solid walnut and all moving parts are machined from solid brass; including a brass gear and rack which allow the movement of the lamp.

The desk lamp version was first exhibited at Salone Satellite in Milan in 2016 and received a great deal of attention due to the elegant, almost anthropomorphic way in which it moves and extends. It has since been featured in Wired magazine in October 2016. The launch will include a desk lamp which can extend from a height of 30cm to 1m tall and a floor lamp which can extend from a height of 50cm to 1.8m.

The pair of lamps will go live on kickstarter and be available to pre-order on wednesday the 28th of June. Follow Animaro on Instagram or join the mailing list on their website to keep up to date with information regarding the launch.