The VR office experience

CityscapeVR are a VR servicing and consultancy company born out of Cityscape Digital, one of the world’s leading architectural visualisation studios based down the road in Shoreditch. They have partnered with K+N International for CDW to deliver an experimental demo piece exploring the real design and commercial transformational opportunity enabled by VR.

Taking K+N’s newest smart desk and the all-new Auray chair, they have placed them inside the headquarters of a key K+N client who are adopting these desks. As a VR experience it’s radical because it is true Mixed Reality; the desk and chair are physically there in the showroom, and also virtually present in the headset. You can control the virtual desk up and down, and push the chair around in virtual space, and you’re physically interacting with and feeling the real items. The magic here though is that with a whoosh gesture of your hands, you can make the showroom disappear and the end occupier’s actual building appears around you in 1:1 scale. With another gesture you see hundreds of desks laid out and can change the layout instantaneously.

VR is here now and the design community has figured that out. But the real story is how to harness this revolutionary experiential tool to transform businesses. This is what CityscapeVR are here to do. The man to talk to is Shaun Burke, [email protected]