Cane-line set to showcase new designs at CDW!

Cane-line will be adding new designs and expanding existing ranges. The whole collection meets the growing desire for outdoor furniture that conveys “Scandinavian Living”, bringing indoor comfort outside onto terraces and balconies and into gardens.

The Nordic lifestyle rings loud and clear in the array of new products from Cane-line for the 2018 season. Like a magnificent feathered tail, the back of the Peacock chair shields its occupant from the outside world, creating the feeling of being snuggly cocooned. Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD are the design duo behind the Peacock range. With their screening backs, the chairs for both dining and lounge areas make for an ambiance of comfortable grandeur.

Grand proportions characterise the Mega range to an even greater degree. The range invites you to relax in the company of others and immerse yourself in quiet contemplation. The oversized design is intended to provide a shielding effect, a distinctive range of statement furniture, in which the asymmetric daybed is particularly conducive to relax and enjoy life.

Both the width and the depth of the furniture create space for the family to sit together. At the same time, the soft look is intended as an invitation to individual mindfulness. Mega demands space but provides extraordinary comfort – Think Big and get cosy.

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