Casalis designs and produces contemporary interior textiles, for private dwellings as well as public spaces. Their approach of focusing on innovation and design and yet remaining practical, allows Casilis to endlessly explore the many possibilities that interior textiles offer, firmly tearing down boundaries by doing so.

The leading manufacturer of 3D woven acoustic textile panels, Casalis’ core mission remains translating innovative ideas into practical products without a compromise in material.

At the Clerkenwell Design Week, Casalis presents Architextiles – their signature collection of 3D woven, acoustic panels. Under the art direction of Anita Kars, the exhibition showcases the various aesthetic, commercial and technical applications of the Architextiles range. Technical information and the results of acoustic analysis is available at the stand to scientifically explain how, and to what extent, the Architextiles are able to improve the acoustic quality of any space in which they are placed.