Getama produces well-known classic furniture by Hans J. Wegner and Nanna Ditzel as well as developing new designs with contempory designers.

Established in 1899 and located in northern Jutland Getama has a long tradition of employing highly trained cabinet makers and upholsterers whose craftsmanship has sustained the companies reputation for excellence.

The working relationship with Hans J. Wegner initiated in the 1950’s established the companies International prestige. In a collaboration sustained throughout his lifetime Wegner designed more models for Getama than for any other producer he worked with.

In the 1990’s Getama collaborated with the renowned designer, Nanna Ditzel developing her Joy and Mondial ranges. The Company has subsequently re-introduced her signature Ring Chair and Vita Sofas.

The Getama brand is a guarantee that each individual piece of furniture is produced under exacting quality control using only the best materials according to the designers original drawings.