“The staff at PP Møbler consists of highly skilled craftsmen who work seriously with even the smallest details, Nothing is left to chance…”

PP Møbler is a family owned Danish joinery workshop, established in 1953, with a strong tradition for crafting design furniture of the highest quality. Motivation has always been the love of wood and a stubborn belief that technique, ingenuity and craftsmanship can be combined in the strive for quality.

The craftsmen at PP Møbler are innovative, thorough and encouraged to explore and develop skills in the constant search for a better way, a more precise way, of refining the production process, never compromising respect for the material.

The vast majority of PP Møbler’s wood supply comes from the beautiful sustainable forests of Denmark and Germany. The joy of working with wood as an organic whole makes environmental consideration, a natural part of PP Møblers work ethics.

The sole purpose of PP Møbler is, and has always been, to create the most beautiful and functional furniture that can withstand daily use for generations.