Experience the bliss of silence with MICROOFFICE, the revolutionary line of acoustic workstations and conference rooms from acoustics experts SilentLab. Comprising the Red Dot Award-winning UNIQ and CUBIQ along with the cutting-edge PRIME and modular QUADRIO, SilentLab’s MICROOFFICE range melds impeccable acoustic performance with an instantly iconic design language. Proudly based in the Czech Republic, SilentLab is a passionate provider of comprehensive sustainable sound solutions backed by years of proven expertise.

MICROOFFICE is an answer to the basic question of acoustic comfort. Layers of solid wood and acoustic materials, along with sound-insulating glass and a sonically sealed door, make for maximum soundproofing between the interior and exterior spaces. The cutting-edge ventilation system supplies a constant stream of fresh air, enabling users to enjoy distraction-free solitude for hours on end.

Come and experience the award-winning MICROOFFICE UNIQ and CUBIQ for yourself. You will find SilentLab in Design Fields, stand DF5.