Coolicon, are proud to be showcasing our range of bi-directional pendent shades at this years Clerkenwell design week. Still based on the historic 1930’s design classic, all Coolicons are built and hand finished in the UK.

Coolicon is a manifestation of time-honoured workmanship from the beautifully realised hand welding or the four stage hand applied enamelling, Coolicon has an uncompromising attention to detailing, forming and hand finishing. Every Coolicon is very slightly unique, the Coolicon you buy is truly your Coolicon.

In a world with computer lead uniformity we want to celebrate the skill, care and pride in the production of our shades.

Complimenting our Coolicon “standard “range is the unique – Harry Beck “London Underground” enamelled shade, a fun interpretation of the Coolicon Standard, with an iconic image strong resonance worldwide.

Finally the Coolicon Craftsman range – Our premium Coolicon and a true celebration of bygone British craftsmanship and tradition materials.