Lighting with a narrative

The Japanese traditionally have an unique relationship with nature. People are a part of nature too, which is why we respect and appreciate it as a whole. With this in mind, Domei designs his lighting; Leaves, branches, aurora, human… he sources ideas from natural phenomenon and blurs the border between the inside and out by ‘Bringing nature indoors’.

Our Foresti lamps create kaleidoscopic shadows which allows the room’s atmosphere to become a refreshing woodland scene.
Paper Foresti, the white leaf pendant lamps made of ‘Air Clean Paper’ not only offer a calm clean atmosphere but also physically purify the air like living plants do.
Arles Lamps are reminiscent of a woman in the breeze in the South of France. Each lighting has its own narrative and represents distinct scenes of nature.

At CDW 2018, a new colour of Arles Floor Lamp will be released.