Decimal Design is a French design business of furnitures and home accessories inspired by Parisian lifestyle, geometry, classical furnitures and architecture of big cities.

This business is a family story born from the relationship between Christophe, the London-based ‘slasher’ son who designs in London and his father, Dominique, who manages the furniture’s production at the Ateliers du Grand Bouttecourt, (south of Paris).

From this relationship has emerged the Neper line, a range of customizable sideboards, shelves, tables encircled with several wooden rings and the Platon line which reflects Christophe’s work on the pentagonal shape; CDW 2019 will provide the opportunity to launch the coffee table of the Platon line.

Our artisan workshop approach allows us to « bespoke » our standard products to meet client’s demand.

We are thrilled to attend CDW and exhibit our creations for the first time in London.