Take a light, natural fruit, the calabash, grown on a vine, seen with a fresh eye and handcraft it into a lampshade.

Flaskee is participating in Clerkenwell Design Week with 2 lighting series.

1. “plug it in!” No wire connection hassle, just use the leather strap detail and hook it from the ceiling or the wall. Each lampshade comes with plenty of fine linen/cotton covered cable to play around. Its also easy to carry around, less than 1 kg lightweight structure and 6m long cable.

2. “Clerkee” a site specific light installation to celebrate the Clerkenwell Design Week 2018.

The Flaskee is an organic vessel, a fruit most commonly found in hot, tropical countries. Botanists call it calabash and it comes in a variety of different shapes.

Flaskee is the Greek word for flask.

These gorgeous calabashes are dried in the sun for 3 months before I get my hands on them. Once I’ve got them in my studio, I draw sketches to define the final form of the shade. Carving and sanding follows and the final stage includes fitting the right light source and structural details – and then they are ready!

I am Michail, and I started out in interior design and quickly developed a fascination with retail and fashion installations. I’m based in London, and although I live in an urban environment, I’m constantly reminded of my past, of my grandpa drinking his wine in one of these flasks, of my first piggy bank, of Greek nature and the traditional handcrafting techniques.