INTARC DESIGN is a creative UK based design studio founded by Norwegian-born designer Jeanette Abrahamsen. The design studio was established in 2011 to deliver creative, innovative and inspiring designs within the commercial and corporate sectors; from interior design, to product design and commissioned art work.

The products HEX and WORX are a direct result of analysing people’s requirements in the workplace. These products push agile working methodologies to a hands-on interactive level between people and furniture. The furniture was developed for people who want to work individually or collaboratively within a flexible working space.

HEX is a modular furniture solution that transforms the office after every use. It is a bespoke furniture system based upon fixed geometric modules which adapts easily to any commercial environments and office landscapes. The HEX products range from a contemporary HEX stool to a large room divider where inserts can be accessed from both sides. Height adjustable tables, shelves, drawers, and planters are available as single insert components. The HEX is fun and creative for either single use or for small ad-hoc meetings.

WORX – desking with a difference: is a desk benching system developed for training purposes, groups and individuals, team work and collaborative functions. The technology behind WORX allows you to slide and rotate your work space to form the configuration you wish. You can transform your office space within seconds to accommodate your needs and cater for a truly flexible working space. The central core has integrated power supply, and underneath holds stools which can be pulled out when you need extra seats for meetings and to complete the seating configuration to form a large board room meeting table. WORX simply allow us to work the way we like.