JOHN EADON is a furniture designer and maker valuing well-crafted good design and sustainability, looking to traditional techniques of the past to inform timeless designs for now and the future.

Platform at CDW 2018 sees the launch of TRELLIS, the new freestanding modular shelving and room divider design from JOHN EADON as part of the MIMA Collection. Cross compatible with the existing wall-hung MIMA Shelving, TRELLIS Shelving allows the user to extend and customise with adding repeating arches and uprights, and to rearrange the diagonal patterned panels. These can be overlapped and placed in at any depth for access from either side of the shelves. There is also great opportunity for bespoke options and accessories to be commissioned for additions to the shelves.

The MIMA Collection draws on the influences and techniques of Windsor chair making and using that as a design language to create furniture which is visually light and open.