Kaelo is the integrated wine cooler that keeps your wine perfectly chilled once you’ve opened the bottle. Kaelo is easily designed into nearly any surface and offers a fun, effortless and beautiful way to serve and enjoy wine.

Launching at CDW18 to the commercial market for residential, hospitality and workplace, Kaelo has a single-module design that makes it perfect for specification into any scale or type of project – from bars and bathrooms to offices and hotel rooms, all that is needed is a hole and a plug socket.

Handmade in England, Kaelo uses patented dry-cooling technology to keep the bottle within 1-2 degrees of it’s opening temperature, with no ice, no drips, no compressors and no refills… just perfectly chilled wine.

With smart-touch sensitivity throughout it’s solid stainless steel crown, Kaelo powers on with a single touch, ready within seconds, adding vibrancy to any occasion with 27 different colours of illumination. Available in a choice of 8 premium finishes.