We would like to introduce you to QLOCKTWO from Biegert & Funk. A unique luxury product which displays the time with a typographical display, combining the moment with written words which turn the time into a statement.

QLOCKTWO offers endless options, cleverly made to communicate the time in over 20 languages giving your customers the ability to make a bold statement or compliment their interiors.


The clocks quirky design, different size options ranging from 45 to 180 cm come with an array of finishes and materials, which will inject magic and personality into any interiors or homes.

Since launching, the QLOCKTWO range has received more than 20 international awards.

The Devoy Group Ltd exclusively distributes QLOCKTWO in the UK and Ireland, we are currently looking to grow our distribution with a limited number of partners. We will be exhibiting all ranges. Please contact us to discover more.