Founded in 1886 in the heart of Switzerland, Création Baumann is an independent family-run business represented worldwide in over 40 countries. The long standing passion for fabrics lies in the development; each year the in-house creative team led by designers Sibylle Aeberhard and Elianne Ernst create a new, contemporary and trend-inspired collection of textiles set out to contribute to the improvement of well-being in your home and public spaces. Innovation, refinement and a more than a century of expertise are the values behind a product range of over 6,000 textiles.

From processing the yarn to the completed fabric: at Création Baumann, each production step takes place at a special location. They operate a winding room, doubling mill, dyeing mill, weaving mill, printing press, and a finishing room—giving them the entire repertoire for a textile production that is as inspired as it is innovative.