Contemporary monolithic architecture calls for undisturbed, expressive surfaces. Modern building design requires good acoustics, convenience and creative flexibility. Made from a core of naturally occurring stone wool, ROCKFON® Mono® Acoustic brings the two together with amazing results.

Now with an elegant and refined, smoother and whiter surface render, there’s no compromise between aesthetics and acoustics for any new build or renovation project. Flat or curved. White or custom colour. For ceilings or walls – for unlimited creative freedom.

The system was first developed as a contemporary, high performance yet versatile alternative to traditional gypsum and plaster walls. Unlike other monolithic, flat surfaces, ROCKFON Mono Acoustic is able to control reverberation by achieving the highest Class A sound absorption performance, all thanks to its stone wool core.

ROCKFON work at the forefront of technology, developing high quality stone wool acoustic ceiling and wall solutions.