Hello, we’re ruutu.

We love flooring.

We are passionate about craftsmanship, materials, style, functionality and detailing.

Fast growing and forward thinking, we design, manufacture and supply unique floor coverings for today’s workplace.

We ensure all our products are characterised by enduring aesthetics, design functionality and honest expression. Quality is what we are known for, innovation is how we stand out.

Our products are produced across three mills in Europe and we have offices in Copenhagen and London supplying projects globally.

We produce carpet planks and tiles with bespoke designs reflecting aesthetics form architecture and textures surrounding us.

CDW sees the first time ruutu has exhibited in the uk – we are very excited to be showcasing some innovative collections of planks and tiles that expresses something living and organic in an artistic and graphic way – not yet seen in the uk flooring market!

Style to work and live on.