STORE is a London-based association of artists, architects and designers composed of three core elements: an educational programme of art and architecture courses, wide-ranging public events and exhibitions, and a socially engaged design practice. Operating from spaces donated in kind, STORE aims to facilitate and drive local change within the urban environment. Since its formation in 2011, a group has developed to form an association whose output and ethos reflects the values and talents of its members. In this time, STORE has occupied a variety of spaces, each of which has formed a nexus for projects and events beneficial to the local community. STORE is a vehicle through which its members can apply their creative energy to projects that engage directly with the socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. Store currently runs a shop in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.

Store store is a design shop located in coal drops yard.

School school is a series of after-school clubs open to local state school pupils – the objects designed and prototyped in the after-school club will be sold in the shop, with royalties going to a cause of the students choice.