An invitation. A challenge. A pause from life.

It’s easy to become numb from the people around us, so artist Beau Kerouac invites you to look closer. Stop and reflect at the immensity of the small, at the beauty of the biological, the detail of the extraordinary.

Reflect Us is an opportunity to look deeply externally and internally. We all have insecurities; passions; our sights set on something. We all have eyes, and yet how often do you look deeply into the eyes of a stranger?

This impressive art installation is crafted from macro photographs of eyes of the homeless, and invites you to look at the majesty and fragility of the human condition. The craftsmanship of the pieces is a reflection of the complexity of the human body; the anonymity of the subjects a powerful demonstration of how little we know those we pass by on the street.

This installation is a gateway to eyes that are sometimes hard to look straight into, and aims to shorten the distance between us, stripping away preconceptions of homelessness and focusing on our shared humanity. Beau Kerouac invites visitors to question how simply making eye contact can change someone’s day for the better through shared experience.

It’s time to look deeper as we Reflect Us.

A percentage of the sale for each piece of artwork will be donated to Julian House, a charity offering support to some of the most marginalised people in society – the homeless.

See Reflect Us in Light at fabric nightclub.