deVOL Kitchens X Sebastian Cox

It was a slow and gentle journey from the first meeting in 2011 to the finished ‘Sebastian Cox Kitchen’ which launched at CDW 2015. This new kitchen is a culmination of everything that both Sebastian and deVOL Kitchens are passionate about, from cupboards that are manufactured in Leicestershire, to the use of English sustainable timbers.

The timber used in the kitchen is predominantly English beech, which is an abundant but under-used native timber. The beech used in The Sebastian Cox Kitchen has been planed to size and then passed through a bandsaw to give a rough but even texture that is tactile and can be stained to give a variety of finishes. This beech is also cut into thin strips and handwoven. This traditional woodland craft which Sebastian is so passionate about, is the subtle detail that really brings the kitchen to life.

deVOL are excited to welcome CDW visitors up into their deVOL Townhouse on St. John’s Square to see this unique range in a completely different setting.

deVOL’s Creative Director, Helen Parker, explains “A Regency London townhouse with original features, high ceilings and more character than seems fair, this deVOL showroom in historic St. John’s Square, Clerkenwell is a special place and needed to be decorated and styled with care. The Sebastian Cox Kitchen range doesn’t seem at first glance to be the best choice for this house but we needed a display so had to come up with a workable kitchen from this range. To our relief and amazement, the Sebastian Cox cupboards in all their cool rustic glory just took up the challenge beautifully and the room became a glamorous and glittering kitchen with real credibility and a suitable style to work within a period property.

You can find deVOL’s St. John’s Square showroom at:
36 St. John’s Square