25 - 27 May 2021

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Why was CDW rescheduled to July 2020 in the first place?
    The decision to postpone CDW to July was made to protect the investment of showroom partners, exhibitors and sponsors. The decision was made given our understanding of COVID-19 at the time and following productive discussions with Islington Council, our suppliers, venues and stakeholders. Given the impact that this pandemic has had across the globe, that decision now appears somewhat premature which is why we have decided to move to 2021. 
  2. Why has the July event now been postponed to May 2021?
    The size and scale of Clerkenwell Design Week is such that it occupies a number of challenging venues and outdoor spaces spanning a square mile site in London. The potential social distancing measures that may still be in place in July would seriously impact the smooth and safe-running of the event and limit the number of visitors we could allow into the various venues. A reduction in visitor numbers would seriously impact your return on investment and a postponement to May 2021 is the only viable option.
  3. Now the event has been postponed to May 2021 what are my options?
    Your contract for Clerkenwell Design Week is automatically rolled over to the new dates secured for 2021 – 25 - 27 May. This has the benefit that any money paid to date will also be carried over in full without any offset against our costs. For exhibitors already booked into other Media 10 events, magazines or digital products in 2020, if requested we will apply any money paid to date for Clerkenwell Design Week to offset any outstanding liability for these. The amount offset will simply be added to the final liability for the new dates in 2021. The balance of any payments due for the new 2021 dates (including the amounts offset against other Media 10 shows) would fall due on 1 March 2021. There would be no more to pay this calendar year for the 2021 show dates.
  4. Why do I not receive a 100% refund on the money I have paid?
    Media 10 must make an upfront investment to provide the marketplace and deliver the audience that makes the show a success each year. As such, a significant amount of money is committed well in advance of the show. Therefore, the vast majority of your investment has already been spent. The timing of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK means that the level of costs already incurred were exceptionally high. In short, there is not the money available to refund every showroom, exhibitor and sponsor 100% of the monies paid. By moving your booking to 2021, in full, we are protecting your investment and protecting our business.
  5. By retaining showroomexhibitor and sponsor money are Media 10 profiting at our expense?
    By not holding the event in 2020 and moving exhibitor revenue to 2021 it is costing us a significant amount of money. We are faced with two years of costs but effectively one year of revenue and our losses will be substantial. These losses will be funded personally by the owners of Media 10
  6. What are the payment terms if I have not yet paid in full 2020?
    We will not chase for any further payments in 2020. The next instalment for the show in 2021 will fall due in March 2021.




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