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14 Mar 2022

'Metamorphosis' linen union fabric

The Monkey Puzzle Tree Stand: P33

Referencing the work of artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, the design features gold comets and stars as well as mysterious faces floating within a web of green tendrils and charcoal unicorn horns. 

"Using marbling as a base, I picked out things I could see in the pattern such as faces, creatures and body parts," says Kirsty Greenwood. "This practice is based on the concept of pareidolia – the phenomenon of seeing faces and recognisable shapes in random patterns. I wanted my design to be organic and a little strange; for it to have a feeling of tongue-in-cheek oddity. I also had an underwater theme in mind, hence the claws, tentacles and tendrils."

Metamorphosis is screen printed in a heritage print works in Cumbria onto heavy, unbleached linen union. This linen-cotton blend retains the natural colour of the yarn and exhibits occasional slubs and imperfections which adds to the tactile nature of the fabric. The combination of metallic, matt and bright inks applied to the linen add depth and interest to the design.

Suitable for curtains and blinds as well as for upholstery and cushions, Metamorphosis is a highly versatile fabric. Its neutral tones mean that it perfectly complements bold schemes, but it is also works well within a more pared-back room design in which the fabric introduces an element of subtle, intriguing character.  


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