23-25 May 2023

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Recork Stand: PB12b

Recork®  is born from a desire to create beautiful, functional flooring that helps reverse global warming and restore the planet’s ecological balance.

Recork® is made from 85% natural cork, harvested from trees grown in well-managed cork oak Montado. These unique forests are not only essential carbon sinks, but also defenders in the fight against erosion and desertification, and supporters of fragile biodiverse ecosystems.

Recork® is the purest outcome of the manufacturing model that turns production waste, used cork stoppers and cork from early harvests into cork planks. This innovative approach to manufacturing helps us tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, while addressing important social needs. 

LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE - If properly looked after, cork flooring can last decades. Designed to be extremely tough, Recork’s® innovative surface finish delivers outstanding performance and durability, protecting the cork floor from the rigours of modern life. After the floor is laid, the HFX finish is ultra matt, extremely scratch resistant and provides outstanding wear and chemical resistance. Unlike wood floors, cork’s exceptional elasticity and compressibility allows the flooring to adapt to pressure from heavy foot traffic and bounce back from impacts without suffering damage, recovering to its original shape

THERMAL & NOISE INSULATION - Recork’s® exceptional insulation properties come from its unique honeycomb structure, with millions of air-filled cells. Thermal insulation means the floor feels warm, without the need for underfloor heating, while acoustic insulation allows sound to be absorbed, creating a tranquil environment that promotes productivity and concentration. Cork creates an extremely effective sound buffer as 68% of walking sound in a room is absorbed by Recork® flooring.

INCREASED WALKING COMFORT - Delivering incredible comfort, Recork’s® elasticity reduces the heel strike impact and related body tension associated with hard floors, while being non-slip and providing sufficient stability to reduce physical strain and prevent body fatigue.

CLEANER AIR - Cork is not only soft underfoot but it also improves health through purer, cleaner air. As cork flooring doesn’t shed any microfibres, it means it is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic and therefore doesn’t harbour dust. Recork® emits exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is third-party certified for air quality, with accreditations including TUV Proficert Premium, Blue Angel and GEV Emicode EC1 Plus. 

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