Find out about Hazel Collins Design’s collaboration with Artwood Floors

Artwood Floors are specialist surface designers. This year at CDW, Artwood has collaborated with Hazel Collins Design. The concept, The Salon, is a residential concept space designed to showcase Artwoods incredible skill and craftsmanship. Read on below for a Q&A with Hazel Collins Design…

1. What was it about Artwood that made you want to collaborate for CDW2019?
The moment we stepped into the Artwood workshop we knew this was an opportunity not to be missed. We were met with a trove of beautiful wood samples, metal finishes and details, and extraordinary resin elements that resemble lichen. Clearly this was not wood or wood flooring as we knew it, and five minutes chatting to Sid (Artwood’s founder and director), we understood immediately that Artwood is surface design at its most creative.

2. In a few words, how would you describe the design?
Our design for Artwood is a celebration of art and surface design. We have sought to combine Artwood’s exquisite textures in a series of tonal wall panels and flooring that celebrates our most cherished art and design icons, quite literally building ‘art’ into the fabric of a space. You’ll recognise shades of Carlo Scarpa, Anni Albers, Gustav Klimt, The Nabis, Jean Dunand…

3. What have been the biggest challenges so far?
Narrowing down a palette of materials – there are literally too many incredible ones and editing these has proved a challenge.

4. Are you using any unconventional materials, techniques or elements in the design?
Absolutely: We are combining wood flooring with metal inlays and precious resin mosaics – little elements of surprise – while a central wall panel acts as a tapestry showing many different elements and techniques, an artwork in its own right.

5. How have you found working with Artwood, what surprised you and what is unique about Artwood?
The entire process has been a pleasure, in particular, Sid’s tireless enthusiasm for experimentation and getting the right finish. It’s crucial with these types of collaboration, that are essentially a labour of love, everyone involved is driven by the same desire to achieve something wonderful. The thing that we feel is unique about Artwood is their drive to push the boundaries and truly realise a vision.

6. What is your favourite part of your design?
We never judge our work until it’s finished and installed, so we don’t feel we can really answer that one just yet, but in general terms, it’s been the chance to ignore standard application and just play with tone and texture, creating what we feel are the most beautiful combinations, and, hopefully, an interior environment people are drawn to.