Hakwood joins CDW in celebration of two birthdays

Hakwood is a global leader in the design and manufacture of top quality wood flooring and tiles. Working closely with architects and designers worldwide, Hakwood specializes in creating bespoke wood solutions. Our passion for excellence, innovation and service shows in each and every product we make.

For the fourth year in a row, Hakwood joins Clerkenwell Design Week. It all started in 2016 with the inspirational HakFolly, a stacked timber structure in St. John’s Gate. A year later, Hakwood sponsored an unexpected blue-and-white surprise named Double Vision. Last year, it was the pink Behind Closed Doors that carried the Hakwood name. In 2019, Hakwood is part of the Decade Candle parade to celebrate Hakwood’s and CDW’s respective birthday.

The beauty of 40

The Hakwood Candle is named The Beauty of 40 and highlights its 40 year history. It shows landmark achievements and key people that brought the company to where it is today. The interactive installation will consist of 4 facades each boasting 40 pieces topped by a illuminated “flame”.

Collaboration with Shape London

For the Candle, Hakwood collaborates with Shape London for the second time. As they showed with the Behind Closed Doors installation, Shape London stands out by their ability for storytelling and making a concept interactive. With birthday party games as inspiration, the Candle encourages viewers to engage, play and enjoy.

Trusted location

The Candle’s setting near St. John’s Gate lets Hakwood return to the location where they began their history with Clerkenwell. Four years ago, the HakFolly installation was placed under the arch. 2019 completes the full circle with celebrating the passage of time and marking the years with another valued opportunity to be part of CDW!