OnOffice Presents ‘Wellness in the Workplace’
Date: Thursday 23 May
Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Jenny Jones set up her architecture and design studio in 2014. Since setting up, the studio has completed a number of projects, from the light, plant and post-it filled 100 person studio for Fjord Interactive, to a pop-up community space for Tide the digital bank. The thread through her work is the knowledge that our wellbeing is affected by the built environment and that as a designer our responsibility is to listen and to challenge and to innovate all the contributions that coalesce to create the spaces and places we inhabit.





Her perspective is the result of years of working on innovative projects whilst in the offices of Koolhaas, Rogers and in the studios of Universaldesignstudios and Conran. Agglomerating typological agility, technical expertise, brand awareness with her stagecraft and method acting experiences, which she gained pre-university, she works with an inside out: outside in approach: engaging client collaboration to create the project script and then employing architectural skills to translate the script into the sensory of the spatial, whilst keeping an eye on the currency of the cultural and physical context that a project sits within.

In parallel with practice she has tutored at the Architectural Association, Parsons, Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art, where she continues to be a mentor. She is an advocate of the work being done by the Conscious Cities Movement and contributed to their Anthology for the Conscious Cities Design Festival in 2017.

Research work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018 where the studio created a site-specific installation “Reflecting on the Space Between”: examining the specifics of proportion of a route through Venice, coded with a human measuring system she developed for the exhibition.