London Metropolitan University students to showcase their products at CDW

During Clerkenwell Design Week a number of up and coming design students will be exhibiting their pieces at the show.

Abbie Tipler will be exhibiting The Creation Space. The creation space has built in storage in order to store everything that is needed for creativity to flow and a roll of paper is attached, that can be drawn across the lightbox for tracing, drawing and sketching. The Creation Space is an exciting meeting point that helps generate ideas, encourages the flow of creativity and is a perfect workstation for designing.

The Steam Trunk, an idea by Adam Mezughi, aims to be a convenient multi-function storage solution for small office spaces. The product includes a working top, storage and bookcase and can be used as an extensive home office that can be stowed away like a briefcase at the end of each day.

Anton Mikkonen will be displaying Juova, a prototype of a space divider frame. Juova allows a simple way to personalise and create your own space in a shared place. Made of 16mm steel tube to create a light, yet robust and wearing finish, a powder coat finish helps to create a bed of softness.

Inspired by the great outdoors of the countryside, Catia Cabral designed Fardo. The straw bench instantly takes you to the untouched countryside without even leaving your living area or working place. Fardo fuses handcraft with a love for earthy, only using ethically sourced and biodegradable materials.

Krishma Sokhal will exhibit Delicacy, a set of square and rectangle small storages, ideal for jewellery and any delicate items. The storage wear is made from earthenware clay, coated in a clear glaze with opal lustre speckles. Krishma will also be displaying Mithai, a serving plate for Indian sweets. Mithai, which is the word for sweets in Hindi, comes in a set of two, one small and one large.

Dog-Eared, by Ella Merriman, was inspired by a book with curled dog-eared corners. The shelf can be used in many contexts to hang items on the curled hook whilst holding smaller items on the flat shelf surface.

Hannah Rose aims to improve uninspiring office environments by bringing nature indoors with ‘A Personal Nature’. The piece allows the user to incorporate their own plants and arrange their screens as desired.

Jinwoo Seo’s creation the Stacking Trestle Desk allows the user to easily create a work surface in a limited space. The stackable design makes the trestles easy to store and they also can be stacked to adjust to a desired height.

Pocket Sideboards, by Moe Redish, are designed to allow storage in all home and work environments. They can be manipulated to fit your space, as well as allow for different viewing options so you can store and display.

Evolved from research into the satisfaction derived from interacting with everyday objects, Perch was designed by Adam Watts. Centred around environmental well-being in the workplace, Perch loosely resembles a gym horse used for gymnastics and balance, when you sit on the bench you engage with it.

Office Playground, by Barnaby Lewis, is a series of chairs designed with a focus on motion and communication. All of the pieces contain a mechanism which enables movement, with the aim of putting users through a shared experienced whilst in conversation to encourage humility and understanding.

Martha Haines will exhibit Jacobs Space, an office divider that aims to introduce plants into the office environment and provide a simple way to divide the space as and when needed. The planters of different heights can all be rotated or stretched outwards to create different areas within the space.