Meet numo by aeris, the designers of The Swopper

The core of the numo is its special movement mechanism. Following the principle of “sheared scales”, the numo offers a whole new seating experience. Thanks to the aeris kinematics, no effort is required as the chair follows the natural movement pattern of the user and not only swings back, but also forward, for example when eating or at the conference table. The model with the sled-based frame achieves the same movement mechanics through its construction and the material of the frame.

“From the beginning, the objective behind numo was to create a chair with a sophisticated design and an unmistakable feeling of seating comfort. Both the numo with the sled-based frame and the numo with the special aeris kinematics offer a unique movement pattern in this seating category.” – Dietlind Walger, Head of Product Development

The design and construction of the numo resulted from the collaboration between the well-known product and furniture designer Andreas Ostwald and aeris. Thus emerged a professional chair with a timeless design and unique functionality.

To ensure that the numo always looks good at home, in waiting areas, or conference rooms, it comes in 31 different variants. Varicoloured seat shells made of fibreglass-reinforced synthetic (polypropylene) can be combined with a total of four frames, from the sled-based frame to the four-legged variant with wooden legs. In combination with the ergonomic seat cushion, which will be available separately in the respective seat shell colours, this results in a total of 182 individual combinations.

All of the numo’s frame variants can be tried out at the imm cologne, and the numo is expected to be available from specialist retailers from spring 2019 onwards.