OnOffice Presents ‘Wellness in the Workplace’
Date: Thursday 23 May
Time: 12:00 – 13:00


Neil Tomkinson, Lighting Designer & Lighting Expert for the SBID Healthcare Council  


Neil has worked in lighting and luminaire design for over 20 years. He has designed lighting installations across a variety of sectors from private residential homes and care homes to airports and museum exhibits. To enable some of these designs Neil founded Lumen Architects in 2015 to design his own LED light sources and luminaires and meet exacting standards. Thousands of products using his designs have been sold across the world under a variety of international brands; from commercial down lights to decorative feature pieces incorporating the latest LED light engines and other technologies such as BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beacons and lighting controls.

Neil has been the lighting expert on the SBID Healthcare council for 5 years. Building on current healthcare research programmes such as dementia, wellness, infection control and equality compliance; the healthcare council work closely with organisations to not only ensure best practice but also leading the way for new design concepts to aid the healthcare and wellness industries.