23-25 May 2023

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23 May 2022


Quadrifoglio Sistemi D'Arredo SpA Stand: SR64

Designed by Serena Papait.
In few words: iconic design and spatial ergonomics. Hence the name «Moon».
When you sit on this chair you have a feeling of lightness, like being on the moon in absence of gravity.
The product has been conceived by the designer from some sketches on paper that were to be used to create a highly ergonomic seat, which would make people feel better and live in more comfortable environments.
It differs from other chairs for two main features: ergonomics and design.
Concerning ergonomics, the concept of the Moon took its inspiration from a Scandinavian concept of ergonomics: all points of discharge have been reported on the knees so to lighten the load on the spine. The posture you assume is, therefore, more natural and healthy thanks to the swinging movements.
The ergonomics is reinforced by neoprene pads for the seat and knee pads. This material, beyond being very comfortable, does not deform.
The pads can be upholstered in fabric and this allows you to customize the chair with different fabrics and colours, creating colour combinations of different styles with the shell.
Regarding the design, instead, the shape resumes the infinity sign that conveys a sense of continuity
Quadrifoglio Group offers this product to the market considering that it is much more than a seat since it can be considered as a real design object, iconic both for its shape but also for the multiple possibilities of customization of the chair and its plasticity.
The shell is available in six different colours: White, Shadow grey, Beige, Ocher, Blue and Olive green.

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