23-25 May 2023

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24 May 2022

Nuez Lounge BIO

Andreu World Stand: SR82

In addition, it is 100% recyclable and is designed so that the materials that comprise it can be easily separated and recycled: shell, foam, fabric, wood or aluminum base.


Its carbon footprint is equivalent to wood, behaving like this quintessential natural and sustainable material.


In its high back, the technological texture of the shell stands out, the sculptural character that has defined Nuez since its origin. Its elaborate and detailed internal upholstery allows a wide range of textiles and leather. In addition, the new CIRCULAR ONE PURE ECO® textile collection made with recycled polyester (PET) using water bottles and plastic packaging has been developed for this new lounge chair, resulting in a selection of sustainable, planet- friendly colors and fabrics and 100% recyclable. This is the new collection of fabrics.


The BIO® thermopolymer is available in four colors for its shell: sand, basalt gray, terracotta brown and black. Always with an upholstered interior, a seat cushion included and accessory lumbar cushion. An aluminum central swivel base and a new ash wood central base with the language of the wood employed in the bases of the Nuez collection, enhancing the sophistiscated character of Nuez Lounge BIO® and gives it naturalness.


Intended for active waiting spaces, lobbies, collaborative areas or public and private relaxation spaces, it maintains all the personality of a unique and singular design by Patricia Urquiola.


It is designed so that the materials that comprise it can be easily separated: shell, foam, fabric, wood or aluminum base and manufactured from recyclable materials following an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Aluminum bases are made from 100% recyclable aluminum and ash wood central base carries the FSC® certification from forests and reforested and controlled sources which meet the Chain-of-Custody, from the tree to the final product.


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