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21 May 2021

A new level of accessibility

Aritco Lifts

Platform lifts often seem like an architectural afterthought to bring buildings in line with modern accessibility or safety standards. Hastily added with little or no communication with the rest of the building, their clunky and stubborn form interrupts an otherwise peaceful interior.

But Swedish company Aritco builds lifts to be different. Dedicated to bringing out the full potential of a home, or a public or commercial building, Aritco makes lifts that are more accessible and more comfortable, in typical Scandinavian style.

Whether they give an ageing couple the comfort and reassurance to stay in their home for longer, provide access for all in a multi-generational household or help a young family transport children and baggage vertically, Aritco’s range of home lifts boasts a heavy emphasis on design, function and innovation that everyone can appreciate.

The traditional home lift is hidden away in a corner where its banality can’t infect the rest of the interior. But Alexander Lervik, the designer of the Aritco HomeLift, has rebranded the lift as a bold, statement design piece that sits proudly in the centre of the modern home.

As all lifts in Aritco’s range are platform lifts, most of the the shaft is integrated into the lift interior. This means that the lift’s interior and its customisable lighting system can be seen from elsewhere in the house - effectively turning the whole structure into a multi-storey floor lamp.

To install a conventional lift, you need to allocate a lot of extra space for the shaft, cables and counterweights. Aritco’s home lifts have a combined platform and shaft with a much simpler screw-nut drive system, so their entire footprint can be as little as 0.35m2 more than the standing area.

Aritco’s CE-certified home lifts also offer the safest way to get from one floor to another as they come furnished with the latest technology to gain a homeowner’s trust. This technology includes pressure sensors surrounding a flush-fitting platform, smart doors that don’t trap fingers and lock automatically behind an open shaft, and a key for locking the control panel. In the event of power failure, a spare battery nudges the platform those final few feet, and there’s an emergency call button in the event of accident or any other emergency. In fact, an Aritco home lift is a much safer option than a staircase.

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Aritco Lifts

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