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16 May 2019

A poem to celebrate CDW's 10th anniversary, by Oliver Bentley-Jones

CDW 2019

Once upon a time,
A decade was dedicated to design,
A gathering of minds,
And so many discoveries to find.

In Clerkenwell,
The streets that historically told a darker tale,
Will push the boundaries without fail.

Witness an adaption of material,
Thought not possible,
Combining beauty with practicality,
Exposing the capabilities,
Of this thriving industry.

Where the new talents materialise,
And the pioneers are always near,
When we're here, the two connect, socialise and multiply
Through the eyes of the sightseer.

Exhibitions punctuate your expedition,
From the church to the prison,
Dotted across EC1,
Balancing tradition with innovation,
Soak up the inspiration before it's gone.

Adjust the aperture,
Prepare to capture,
And share the creative flare.
And reflect on all,
The conceptual street spectacles.

Take your tour,
Through the open doors,
Let the showroom be your classroom,
The speakers your tutors,
Guiding you through the look of the imagined future.

Artists; tourists; movers; shakers;
Designers; architects and innovators.
Listen in on the conversation,
And join this celebration
' Of creation.

By Oliver Bentley-Jones

Credit:'Cube Video

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