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07 Apr 2020

At home with OMK

Omkstak chair

Working from home can have its perks, such as not having to commute every day to the office and back, but at the same time it can be very tough on people.

I find that a few things can help, for example keeping a routine. It is important to wake up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast and maybe get some exercise in before you start your working day.

Having the right working environment is also very important. Create a corner of loveliness where you can sit and get your work done. We can achieve this in different ways, for example adding a plant to our studio or working next to a window.

University studies show that colours can help as instant mood lift, so I took this opportunity to add a bit of colour to my house using a blue Omkstak chair as my desk chair. Blue can boost creativity, while red can enhance attention to details, so why not add a touch of colour to our study or your living room to brighten up your week?

The Omkstak chair comes in eight vibrant different colours, inspired by the scenes surrounding Lake Garda, where the chairs have been produced since they were first designed in 1972.

About OMK 1965:
Founded in 1965 by Rodney Kinsman RDI, OMK designed and manufactured much of the furniture sold through Sir Terence Conran’s Habitat stores in the 60s and 70s.
A key figure in the High-Tech design movement, Kinsman’s products are regarded as icons of 20th century British design.

Learn more at omk1965.com


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