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05 Dec 2019

Clerkenwell's green spaces

Community in collaboration with STORE

We are delighted to share some wonderful news regarding our ongoing relationship with Islington Council and our devotion to looking after the spaces used during Clerkenwell Design Week. We understand how important these areas are for the community and share a sense of commitment to preserving them.

You may have noticed the current build works within the park. According to the Council, a team have been “aerating, cultivating, fertilising, introducing 20 tonnes of good quality topsoil, levelling and turfing.” As Spa Fields is such a valued and integral space for the festival, we are delighted to hear that Clerkenwell Design Week’s donation to Islington Council Greenspace has contributed to the funding of new grass in Spa Fields.

CDW’s commitment to the green spaces and environmental issues within the area doesn't stop there; after our 2019 festival there was a grassed area brought in specifically for an installation in Brewhouse Yard that has since been donated to Three Corner’s Adventure Playground. CDW also teamed up with STORE to provide a series of free workshops to people living in the borough of Islington. One of the workshops, held at The Peel Centre, celebrated the reuse of recycled materials and as part of the workshop the designers spoke of the importance of sustainability and waste, encouraging lowering our carbon footprint and protecting our planet.

Bottlehouse - Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

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