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25 Nov 2020

Hand & Eye introduce their new wall light- the Io

Hand & Eye Io

With environmental issues at the forefront of many peoples’ minds one big question is how we can keep designing and consuming new products while creating as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Our new wall light, the Io, is designed around a material which is made in a low impact and sustainable process by collecting and then recycling waste ceramic and glass, ending up with a minimum recycled content of 98%. Hand & Eye are well known for our ceramic lighting so we love the idea that the waste from the ceramic industry can make its way back into one of our products. 

We designed the wall light to be made from a simple circular disc and the production process means that each one has a different make-up of ceramic content resulting in a unique speckle effect for each of our lights. Once we saw the disc illuminated, the ethereal glowing light hitting the moon-like texture brought to mind a celestial body so we decided to name it Io, after one of Jupiter’s moons.

There are three colour options available for the Io, each one is soft enough to be neutral but has a touch of colour to compliment other elements of a space. Dust is a light grey with touch of green, Smoke is a mid-grey with a touch of blue, and ‘Desert’ is a sandy beige-pink tone.

The Io is a beautiful wall decoration, which gives a soft accent light to walls in any room or space. The illumination is provided by a bulb at the front, highlighting the texture and colour of the disc, with an option for additional LED back lighting where a wall wash is desired. 

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