Once Upon A Time – Jerusalem Passage

Once Upon A Time draws on the rich and sometimes dark historical tales of Clerkenwell, from wife sales to prison bombings. Working in collaboration with UAL Chelsea College of Arts, BA Graphic Design Communication students were tasked with presenting a series of graphical vinyl designs to bring the stories to life during CDW’s 10th edition.

More than 50 design ideas were presented and seven winning entries were selected by a judging panel including; Max Fraser, CDW Content Editor, Priya Khanchandani, ICON Editor and David Barnett, Chelsea College of Art Course Leader, BA Graphic Design Communication.

Below we highlight the entries received for one of our locations, Jerusalem Passage and highlight the history of the area.

You can see all winning entries here.

Location Four – Jerusalem Passage 

Dating back to the late 17th century, a ramshackle building at the end of Jerusalems Passage housed the small coals business of Thomas Britton.

The very musical Britton was not wealthy and had little formal education, however was keen to educate himself. In 1678, Britton fitted out the loft of this building as a tiny concert hall and organised informal concerts with his friends. Despite the unglamorous venue, fashionable Londoners began to frequent the concerts and soon big-name artists such as Handel came to perform here. Britton started charging an admission and became relatively well-off due to its success. He enjoyed the company of his well-to-do friends and went on book buying expeditions with them. However, he still got up early every morning to sell his small coals.

In September 1714, Justice Robe, a Middlesex magistrate, decided to play a practical joke on the superstitious Britton. He employed a ventriloquist named Honeyman to project his voice and tell Britton that his end was near and that he should fall to his knees and repeat the Lord’s Prayer. The elderly Britton did so but the shock caused him to have a heart attack and he died within a couple of days. A large funeral took place at St James’ Church close by.

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Winning Entry: Woon Ko