21-23 May 2024

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Pause - Duffy London

Pause by Duffy London

“Pause” is a large-scale new installation from Duffy London situated in Design Fields Park.  A collection of multifaceted, Megalithic structures rise up from the ground, in a circle that calls back to Neolithic standing stone formations and Monuments.

Visitors are invited to take their own brief pause from the festival, and to allow themselves to be seated, drawing energy up from the earth, and finding a precious moment for self-reflection and introspection.

“Pause” offers a multisensory experience, with the reflective, mirror-polished stainless-steel surfaces offering visitors the chance to catch a myriad of fragmented glimpses of themselves as they walk in and around the installation.

The Monolithic ‘Kronos’ chairs are themselves created using a cutting-edge algorithmic design, and are arranged in a clock-like configuration that speaks to the passing of time and rule of twelfths.

Additional Duffy London ‘Shadow Chairs’ – rereleased for 2023 in gold mirrored finishes– are dotted throughout the installation in a further nod to the Self, and embracing one’s inner shadow.



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