Revealing CDW’s new visual identity

Teaming up with illustrator Matt Harrison Clough, and animator Nigel Coan, Cai and Kyn have been commissioned to create the identity for this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

Having worked on Clerkenwell Design Week’s first ever identity back in 2010, design duo Cai and Kyn have refreshed the branding by using the CDW acronym to visually represent what the festival and CDW stands for – we hope you love it as much as we do!

Find out more about the inspiration behind the design below and take a look at the animation on our homepage here.

Cai and Kyn:

For the 2019 campaign we wanted to develop the CDW acronym that started to be used in the previous year in a fun, illustrative and playful way.

We also wanted to highlight the unique elements that make Clerkenwell Design Week one of the most anticipated design festivals in the UK calendar. Taking a literal approach we decided to use the CDW graphic as a window to the event, with all of the elements inside the C representing Clerkenwell’s cultural landmarks; the elements inside the D representing the products and design that are exhibited at the event; and the elements in the W displaying the information and details of the event, including the celebration of the festival’s 10th edition.

Having created the very first identity for Clerkenwell Design Week way back in 2010, we were very excited to be invited back to work on the creative campaign for this year’s 10th edition. We’ve maintained a close relationship with the festival over the years, both as regular visitors and also as exhibitors and have had the pleasure of watching it grow and develop into one of the world’s best design festivals.

A series of CDW logos have been created that can be used throughout the campaign (see below). These logos feature illustrations by Matt Harrison Clough and products by CDW exhibitors as well as a number of other graphical elements that we created to represent the diverse creativity which is evident throughout the festival.

Cai and Kyn